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Hyundai Eurotem Demiryolu Araçları San ve Tic A.Ş / 

About Hyundai Eurotem


Joint Stock Company consists of Hyundai Rotem Company (a member of Hyundai Motor Group), TCDD, ASAŞ OTOMOTiV A. Ş., Haco Şirketler Group and Hyundai Corporation


The development of railway vehicle industry has been the foundation of nation’s prosperity and economic strength.


has high potential and is becoming more and more important in terms of economy, culture and geopolitics in both continents, Europe and .


The company Hyundai Eurotem has been established to take a leading role in the railway industry as a modern railway vehicle manufacturer in through joint efforts by Hyundai Rotem Company and Hyundai Corporation from and TCDD, ASAS and Haco from .


Hyundai Rotem Company, biggest share holder of Hyundai Eurotem, is a member of Hyundai Motor Group who already made an outstanding investment in in the automobile industry.                                 

Hyundai Rotem Company is developing railway vehicles considered as a new program of public transportation in the 21st century such as the High Speed Train, Electric Rail Car, Magnetic Levitation Train and standard types of railway vehicles. Applying its experience and technical know how, Rotem satisfy its clients over the 29 countries including Greece, Hong Kong, USA, Ireland, India, Turkey and Asian countries.


Hyundai Eurotem will produce state of the art railway vehicles through technology transfer and assistance from Hyundai Rotem Company and will start with the metro vehicles for Istanbul Metro and suburban electric train for TCDD from 2007.

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