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 Inditex is one of the world’s largest fashion distributors, with eight sales formats -Zara, Pull and Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home and Uterqüe - boasting more than 6300 stores in 88 countries.

The Inditex Group is comprised of over one hundred companies associated with the business of textile design, manufacturing and distribution. Thanks to its achievements and the uniqueness of its management model based on innovation and flexibility, Inditex is one of the largest fashion distribution groups. Our fashion philosophy -creativity and quality design together with a rapid response to market demands- has resulted in fast international expansion and excellent response to our sales concepts.
The first Zara shop opened its doors in 1975 in A Coruña (Spain), the city that saw the Group's early beginnings and which is now home to its central offices. Its stores can now be found in the most important shopping districts.


Zara opened its first store in the coastal town of A Coruña in the northwest of Spain in 1975. Zara has over 2,000 stores strategically located in leading cities across 88 countries. Zara's designers and customers are inextricably linked. Specialist teams receive constant feedback on the decisions its customers are making at every Zara store. This feedback inspires Zara's creative team which is made up of over 200 professionals.
Zara is always striving to meet the needs of its customers at the same time as helping to inform their ideas, trends and tastes. The idea is to share responsible passion for fashion across a broad spectrum of people, cultures and ages.

Pull and Bear

Pull&Bear was created in 1991 with one purpose – to meet the needs of young fashion lovers. Pull&Bear's collections have a laid back and fun feel to them.
But Pull&Bear is more than just clothing and accessories, it also creates spaces in which to communicate its product message. Pull&Bear's stores blend creative installations with recycled objects to create a quirky and comfortable space where its young customers enjoy spending time.
Pull&Bear has over 860 stores on the busiest shopping streets and in the most important shopping centres across 64 countries.

Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti was incorporated to the Group in 1991 and epitomises elegant and universal style that connects with the independent, cosmopolitan men and women of today. Its collections span from the most sophisticated of looks to more casual styles.
Massimo Dutti always ensures it uses high quality fabrics that are also practical and comfortable. Massimo Dutti is present in 65 markets with a network of 673 stores, which are found only in the best shopping locations and are designed with the customer's ease and comfort in mind.


Bershka was set up in 1998 as an innovative fashion retail concept which targets the youngest hipsters in the market. There are 965 Bershka stores in 67 markets.
Bershka's urban hip style characterises its spacious stores to create a meeting point where customers can find a blend of street fashion, music and art. Shopping at Bershka means immersion in the very latest fashion trends


Stradivarius takes a youthful and feminine approach to fashion. It introduces new trends designs and fabrics to its young customers.
Its elegant spacious stores offer a broad range of fashion choices for casual young women with lots of imagination. Stradivarius's 866 stores are present in 58 different countries.


Oysho was created in 2001 and provides the latest fashion trends in the lingerie segment. At Oysho, customers can find fun yet sophisticated and feminine underwear, as well as modern yet casual outerwear, comfortable loungewear and original accessories.
Oysho has 549 stores across 40 markets.

Zara Home

Zara Home was created in 2003 and specialises in the latest designs for the home. Its textile ranges, which include bedding and bed linen, tableware and bath linen, are complemented by dishware, cutlery, glassware and home decoration objects and accessories. Zara home is constantly refreshing its product range throughout the year.
Created in 2003, Zara Home has 402 stores in 45 markets.


Uterqüe is a sophisticated fashion accessory brand which boasts excellent quality at attractive prices. Its collections also include clothing and leather garments and are all designed exclusively by Uterqüe's creative team.
Uterqüe was launched in 2008 and has gained strong customer loyalty in the markets in which it has an established presence. Its 66 stores across 12 markets are elegant and refined in appearance.

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