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Remzi Oğuz Arık mahallesi Kavaklıdere sokak no:23/10 Çankaya/Ankara


GAMYTE has the aim to revolutionize construction project analysis and bidding by combining latest Artificial Intelligence Tools, Machine Learning Technology, Automation in Processes with the advanced skills, capabilities and experience of the architectures and the engineers to meet the expectations of its clients and transform the challenges of its clients into unique opportunities in the sector that empower the sustainable growth of its clients’ businesses.

With its offices in U.S. and Turkey, GAMYTE is a U.S. multinational enterprise in the construction sector, addressing the profound transformations and generating solutions to the challenges of the clients under way in the sector with ambition, efficiency, hard work, passion and excitement.

GAMYTE is actively committed to developing its presence in its sector to support our global growth path and line with our strategic targets.

Our Firm is serving detailed cost estimation and BOQ for the contractors and sub-contractors by the help of a team composed of Architects and Interior Designers experts in their fields.