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Barbaros Dist., Ak Zambak St. Uphill Towers, A Block, Floor: 25 / Bridge Atasehir, Istanbul, Turkey

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When Sigma was first formed in 2003 we were a small firm dealing in telecommunication infrastructure services, our main focuses were network optimisation, planning and drive testing. Sigma enjoyed modest success in this field for over 10 years but then, in 2013 we remembered that for any business to truly thrive, grow and more importantly to succeed it needs to diversify and innovate in a way its competition and the rest of the industry does not.

It was at this point we decided to take Sigma Telecom across new horizons and we built up our infrastructure, made our investments, took risks and entered the VoIP market in 2014. Over the last couple of years Sigma has enjoyed unprecedented success in this industry we currently carry traffic worldwide and are connected with over 500 companies globally.