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With nearly 140 years of experience, Maccaferri and TEKNO, Maccaferri’s Joint Venture partner in Turkey, have provided innovative solutions to the construction, geotechnical and mining industries. Renowned as the world leader in gabion retaining structures, our two shareholding companies have diversified significantly over the past 20 years and now offer engineered solutions including reinforced soil structures, soil stabilization, erosion control, mining solution, landfill containment and separation, natural hazard mitigation and river control works.

TeknoMaccaferri endeavors to satisfy the growing demand from the Turkish market with local production, as well as act as a strategic bridge for the development of Maccaferri solutions into emerging markets in the region. TeknoMaccaferri works in partnership with our clients, offering technical expertise to deliver versatile, cost effective and environmentally sound solutions.

Whether you want to simply purchase our quality materials, or receive a turnkey package, we would be delighted to be of service!

Our vision is to become a leading international provider of advanced solutions to the construction market. Implementing a strategy of vertical integration, we research, design, supply and provide construction solutions within our target markets. This capability reduces client risk and management workload, as there is a single interface with one service provider, rather than several. Furthermore, being the manufacturer of the systems means that we can customize our proposals, combining materials in new ways to optimize the solution, saving our clients’ cost and time.