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Professional Experience (external and/or internal)
3 years’ experience in Heavy Manufacturing Industry ( Beneficial)
3 years’ experience in Continuous Improvement / Operational Excellence. (Beneficial)
Education (school education, academic studies, professional education etc.)
Certificate in Lean / Six Sigma certification (Beneficial)
Certificate in Project Management (Beneficial)
Functional qualifications (knowledge, skills and abilities for fulfilling daily business tasks)
Excellent attention to detail, organisation and communication skills (must)
Good negotation skills (must)
IT skills
MS-Office - (Must)
SAP - (Beneficial)
Language skills
English (Must)
German (Beneficial)
Group core competences + further skills
Strategic Thinking and Action
(Future oriented actions; considering different factors of influence and long-term consequences)
Customer Focused
(Thinking and acting in line with customer needs; recognizing and considering customer requests)
Result orientation
(High level of self-responsibility; produce measurable results; pursue objectives consequently)
Communication and Co-operation
(communicate clearly; inspire others; hand-shake quality; team spirit; recognize and solve problems)
(treating other with respect and fairness)


Functional and operational tasks
(daily business tasks, routine tasks and interfaces to other departments, if not included in point 
Key Responsibilities
  • Assist Plant Manager & Group Lean Manager to deliver CIP and Lean strategies across the site.
  • Actively promote lean principles and champion a lean culture. 
  • Implement  LEAN tools into the business such as 5S, TPM, Problem solving,route cause analysis
  • Provide support by giving Lean & CIP training, mentoring/coaching to others on site.
  • Advice and Coordinate on lean initiatives/projects, which includes a focus on results and saving in the business.
  • Maintaining real time action trackers for updating Site management and Group RHI Magnesita on project progress.
  • Be aware of and comply with the Companies Quality Management System and Goals.
Health & Safety
  • Implement and promote best practice Health & Safety standards and practices
  • Ensure that all company safety procedures are correctly implemented
  • Report all safety issues/concerns promptly to superiors
Problem Solving
  • Work with all Departments to drive lean projects across the Plant that improve operations and business processes, such as data management - analytics and flow, waste elimination, hourly run rates, SOP procedure management, training opportunities and lean certification.
  • Produce reports and investigations into plant problems or improvements as required.
  • Develope and implement Continuous Improvement Initiatives
  • Identify and develop opportunities for new technologies/automation/waste reduction and management etc.
  • Strong project management and analytical/problem solving skills
Energy Management
  • Assist all departments to focus on energy efficiencies across the plant.
Cost Management
  • Compliance with RHI Magnesita purchasing guidelines.
  • Always target the best deal for RHI Magnesita when ordering services/parts etc.

Control - and Coordination tasks
(e.g. project mgmt., coord. of workgroups/quality circles, legal entity mgmt-tasks etc.)

  • Assist management in using lean practices to deliver high levels of plant performance – both in quality and quantity.
  • Sets up workshops in agreement with plant and departmental manager to promote Lean practices.

Leadership- and Management tasks

--> empty, if no direct reports according to RHI organizational structure in our online org-charts!

Leadership tasks

  • Strong leadership skills required in the implementation and promotion of a Lean Culture across the business.
  • Must have outstanding verbal and written communication, facilitation and interpersonal skills