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About Us:

GE (NYSE:GE) drives the world forward by tackling its biggest challenges. By combining world class engineering with software and analytics, GE helps the world work more efficiently, reliably, and safely. GE people are global, diverse and dedicated, operating with the highest integrity and passion to fulfill GE’s mission and deliver for our customers. 

Role Summary/Purpose:

Within the project organisation the PTW E communicates with all the persons who are in charge to perform or supervise the work where permit to work must be applied in accordance with the Permit to Work procedure. The PTW Engineer is responsible for managing the proper application of the Permit to Work System on site according the instructions from the COMM 

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Organises the PTW equipment in the site office (locks, tags, forms, key-system, etc.)  
  • Leads PTW team to ensure that CSR and PTW system functions in line with procedures and commissioning to progress with unnecessary and avoidable interruption.
  • Ensures that all people nominated by the COMM/SIM/CM,OCM, partners and subcontractors are trained to an appropriate level in the commissioning safety rules (PTW-system) according to their function on site. Delivers site training presentations on CSR and PTW to ensure competency. At the end of the training, a test has to be passed by all attendees of the training. The PTW Engineer has to file all the test results and forward a copy of all test results to the COMM.
  • In the PTW issuing process, the engineer receives the PTW requests, requests Hazard Identification from the Responsible Engineers, updates the Index Log, applies the isolations and tags if requested by the authorised person and places the keys in the Lock-Box. Put the PTW form (signed by himself and also from the PTW holder) into the Lock-Box and locks the Lock-Box. The engineer monitors any changes that could affect work in progress and re-calls and re-issues PTW as required.
  • In the PTW Clearance and Cancellation process, the engineer receives notifications from PTW holders when they finished their works and informs the Responsible Engineers accordingly, he releases the keys controlling the isolation points, removes locks and tags from isolation points and cancels the PTW and updates Index Log entry.
  • In the Access Permit Process, the engineer has similar responsibilities as described in the PTW issuing and cancelling process, as far as applicable.
  • Gives advices, when required, to the Responsible Engineers for a Hazard Identification or Risk assessment.
  • Carries out regular routine work place audits to ensure PTW / CSR compliance.
  • In case of a PTW audit, the engineer assists the Auditor in reviewing the compliance with the PTW procedure and implements identified corrective actions, within the timescale agreed with the auditor.
  • Ensures that all the precautions have been taken and put in place before the job, during the job and after the job to ensure safe work conditions. Communicate all concerns over any potential PTW system anomalies and where these anomalies’ have potential to cause harm immediately stops work and informs COMM.
  • In coordination with the TOP E, permanently follows up the progress of the systems to be turned over to commissioning in order to with TOP engineer turned over from construction to commissioning, which will fall then under the PTW system, to ensure that all arrangements are in place to allow timely turn over without 
  • Ensure PTW E attendance at daily commissioning meeting and communicates recent progress and relevant items of note to PTW team.
  • Works closely with Construction PTW team to ensure clear communication and harmony between Construction and Commissioning PTW system.
  • Collects information about all cross boundary interfaces between GE and external scope 
  • Ensure the coordination with the customer PTW system, if applicable.
  • Project specific responsibilities or conditions must be revised in the project specific PTW procedure. 


  • Practical work experience in PTW / Safety role in power plant erection, commissioning, operation or maintenance, preferable in electro-mechanical areas.
  • Previous Authorization in PTW / CSR role.
  • Knowledge on the process of electrical power plants or/and associated equipment.
  • • This is a Fixed Term Contract hire (FTC) and will be for a period of 2 years.

Desired Characteristics:

Strong oral and written communication skills. Strong interpersonal and leadership skills. Ability to work independently. Fluent in local language used on site 


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