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We are well known and competitive company within cultural and religious hospitality industry. A reputable hospitality organization is seeking highly motivated and qualified candidates in Istanbul area to start a career as an Agency Operation Manager.  Agency Operation Managers work in retail travel outlets, which promote and sell cultural and religious related products. Cultural and Religious agencies range from small independent businesses to large chains. Some specialise in 5 stars travel, while others have detailed knowledge of specific locations or travel products. Depending on the size of the organisation and the customer base, your responsibilities will usually include: daily operational management, sales development, staff and financial management.

As a Agency Operation manager, you must be able to offer specialist, professional and competitive travel products to meet the demands of the cultural and religious hospitality market, which includes online bookings and tailor-made trips.

Responsibilities: You will be responsible for running travel office and developing strategies to hit or exceed sales targets. You'll typically need to: promote and market the business, sometimes to new or niche markets, manage budgets and maintain statistical and financial records, sell cultural and religious hospitality products and tour packages, source products and destinations to meet consumer demands for bespoke travel and sustainable tourism, deliver and exceed branch performance and productivity, take part in familiarisation visits to new destinations, to gather information on issues and amenities of interest to consumers, liaise with travel partners, including airlines and hotels, to manage bookings and schedules, often a year in advance, deal with customer enquiries and aim to meet their expectations, provide sales reports to head office, implement alternative and innovative ideas for achieving new business, oversee the smooth, efficient running of the business.

When managing agency staff, you'll typically need to: motivate the sales team to hit and exceed their targets and ensure company profitability, meet regularly with team leaders to give them sales figures and plan how they approach their work, meet company directors who advise on strategy and find out about any local issues and future trends, oversee the recruitment, selection and retention of staff as well as payroll matters and staff training, organise incentives, bonus schemes and competitions, deal with disciplinary matters and customer complaints.

Salary: Based on experience, Salaries vary greatly between agencies, with larger chains normally paying higher rates. You can enhance your earnings through various incentives and performance bonuses. Concessions for personal holidays and travel are also common. Income figures are intended as a guide only.

Working hours: Working hours typically include a Saturday, which is classed as a normal working day. You'll usually have to cover seven days a week on a five-day day rota system. Part-time work is available.Branch managers may occasionally work evenings when attending promotions and conferences. If the travel agency is located in a call centre, shift work will usually be required.

Qualifications: Although you don't need a degree, diploma degree to become a travel agency manager, subjects that include travel, business and management modules are useful, particularly if they have a practical work placement. But we are looking candidates who is Turkish nationality and speaking English as well.

The following subjects may increase your chances: Minimum 10 years’ experience, business/marketing/financial management, business with languages, human geography, social/economic/business studies, travel/tourism/leisure studies.

Knowledge in (IATA).

Skills / You'll need to have: communication skills, sales and customer service skills, diplomacy and tact, innovation and energy, commitment to people management, the ability to lead and motivate a team, sound judgement with attention to detail, competent IT skills, strong organisational skills, resilience to cope with long hours and pressure at peak times, a genuine interest in travel.

You must also have an awareness of the current trends in cultural and religious hospitality,  for example sustainable tourism. Knowledge of popular and upcoming destinations is also important.

Work experience: Minimum 10 years of experience will enhance your application. The ability to communicate effectively in different languages is also helpful. But English is must. Relevant management experience in other areas of the leisure or tourism industry, such as hotels or airlines, is likely to increase your chances. Specific functional experience, perhaps in a marketing, sales, retail or IT role, is also helpful.