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Kargisan is looking for a talented and enthusiastic merchandiser for its head office located in Istanbul
The qualifications and requirements that a candidate must carry for this position are;

  • Minimum two years experience in merchandising/production development role or similar field of work within the apparel industry
  • Dedication and enthusiasm regarding to textile and fashion
  • To have time-management skills to cover the expectations in strict timeframes, to have organizational skills and to have impeccable sight of colours.
Please note, only those applicants with relevant experience will be contacted.




To get approvals on time, to follow up the preparation process of all the materials to allow the production to start on time, to assist customers in all aspects including development from initial sketches till production. 

Customer Relations & Communication: 
Maintaining and building long-term, successful customer relationships
Consistent/on time response and communication
Comprehensive and concise communication on tech packs and costing enquiries to customers.
Translation of tech packs – sample; sampling fabric organization, style details and requirements.
Costing & Enquires: 
(All costing to be verified by Production Coordinator)
Costing and communication – getting all prices from the suppliers and preparing the cost breakdown for approval before sample sending date
Strictly follow the changes on the style and inform Production Coordinator and the related departments
Costing of styles across fabric weights; construction; various levels of styling and finishing (washing etc.)
Confirmation of delivery date/cost with Production Coordinator
Maintaining costing/style files (all costing confirmed by Production Coordinator). Process briefs on time and accurately. 
Management of the indent system: 
Fulfilling indents accurately on time.
Checking the tracking system, constantly and keeping it up-dated. 
Assisting Production Coordinator regarding to feedback/reports of deliveries; being proactive for production problems, quality errors etc. 
Checking on the delivery schedule weekly.
Tracking Deliveries: 
Prioritizing short notice deliveries and coming to an agreement with the suppliers about the delivery times of materials. Managing all processes regarding to indents effectively (ex. cancellations; pre-sorts; splits; reductions; discounts and required amendments)
Approving roll-outs/cancellations. Controlling the completion of orders, allocated indents.
Facilitating the QA process:
Ensuring customers QA comments are auctioned on time and accurately.
Assist in compiling the QA; PPS; Shipping sample reports and packs – comprehensively and on time
Ensuring PPS reports are sent, received and auctioned by the Customers.
Ensuring all QA problems at anytime throughout the processor to be handled efficiently and the results of which will be delivered to customers immediately. 

PPS Process:
Implementing the PPS process with great scrutiny, making sure that reports are completed on time and that through communication with customers to improve the knowledge of customers’ internal policies regarding to quality and shipping of their products. Sending PPS pack to the customer and receiving approval.

Management& Advising 
Attending to weekly production meeting with Co-ordination Team.



Firma Sektörü:

Tekstil, Giyim

Çalışma Şekli:

Haftaiçi 08.30 - 18.00

Çalışan Profili:

Beyaz Yaka: 1-24
Mavi Yaka: 200-249