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What do I need to qualify for this job?
* PhD in Computer Sciences, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, or in a related discipline is required.
* Strong background in container technology, virtualization, containerization, IoT connectivity, virtual and soft-devices, mass device management in cloud environments, is required  
* Very good command of English ( German is a plus)
* Experience in solving real-world problems in a professional environment with software you wrote yourself.
* Hands-on programming skills and ability to quickly prototype in C/C++ and/or Java, Python   
* Ability to work with modern software development tools (git, git workflow, pull requests, github workflow)
* Advanced System-Level Linux/Unix Knowledge ( including root file system, boot process, etc. )
* Knowledge in Cloud-deployed container technology (e.g., Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, etc.)
* Open source experience desired (active contribution to open source projects)
* Knowledge in (embedded) processor architectures (ARM, x86) and (hardware) virtualization features
* Knowledge in all the flavors of cloud i.e. PaaS, IaaS and SaaS for public, private, hybrid cloud, is a plus  
* Experience in automation technology,  and embedded softwareis a plus
* Passionate for developing simple, clean and attractive code
* Strong problem solving and analytical skills
* Publication record in high profile peer-reviewed journals and conferences is also a plus


Siemens Corporate Technology (CT) is the central R&D department within the Siemens Group. Siemens CT's main mission is to secure the future technology base for Siemens and to develop breakthrough products of the Siemens Group. Siemens CT in Turkey is mainly focused on Software Development in the areas of Industrial Automation and Energy Automation products and solutions. We are looking for experienced Scientists and Researchers who are willing to shape the future with us.

What are my responsibilities?
* Scouting, evaluating and creating new software technologies and scientific methods that can be used in industrial IoT and Cloud Connectivity solutions to leap beyond the state of the art.
* Identifying, creating, prototyping and demonstrating new and leading-edge methods for Mass- and Virtual- Device Management in Industrial IoT platforms.
* Consulting and collaborating with Product Development,  Sales - Marketing and Engineering teams to identify the need for new technologies around IoT and Cloud platforms,
* Developing and prototyping software solutions and applications for Siemens MindSphere IoT-based Cloud platform to demonstrate new technologies and scientific methods.
* Transferring research results to development teams and Siemens business units for product implementations
* Communicating complex solutions in a clear and understandable way to both experts and non-experts
* Producing high quality and innovative deliverables for our development teams and customers
* Conforming to Siemens processes, quality standards and guidelines

What else do I need to know?
* Military service should be completed for male candidates
* No restrictions for travelling
As Siemens we believe physical barriers are not related to potential. Only the potential matters to us. Therefore, we look forward to receive applications of candidates with physical barriers and chronic illnesses. We support healthy relationships between candidates with barriers and their colleagues because we believe we can create differences together.

Siemens is dedicated to quality, equality, and valuating diversity and we welcome applications that reflect the diversity of the communities within which we work.

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