Brand Marketing Specialist Sneaks Up


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We are looking for a sneakers and sports lover Brand Marketing Executive to develop and implement Sneaks Up brand plan and projects to drive and sustain Sneaks Up and partners’ brand integration and business growth. Sneaks Up must be the brand for our consumers and deliver insightful and seamless experiences that bring innovation and inspiration to them.


·       Create deep connection with our consumers and communities. Identify current consumer insights, culture and sneakers trend.

·       Develop and drive seasonal campaigns integrated marketing plan, lead and coordinate the functions, product and retail teams to ensure the plans are executed per brand direction and maximize brand impact.  

·       Disrupt and extend Sneaks Up’s brand voice by bringing consumers into new places, leveraging the tools at disposal across product, marketplace and consumer insights, delivering Sneaks Up experiences/stories, partnering up with true game changers, always connected and true to our DNA.

·       Serve as the link to brand, functions and departments to create a seamless flow of communication, understanding and transparency between the teams and to ensure needs are served, and to create long-term excellence.

·       Lead and align with x-cat teams in Sneaks Up and partners to drive collaborated efforts.

·       Understand the business and brand demand to be an active member to drive brand alignment through product, marketplace and experiences on & offline.

·       Drive best in class brand plan process, and support business growth on & offline.

·       Thrive to create a win-win business model with existing partners through the lens of Sneaks Up consumer insights and brand strategy.

·       Define and cultivate the strategic partnership to bring innovative and inspirational stories to life.

·       Work closely with partners, and product and retail management in Sneaks Up on exclusive products & storytelling opportunities and experiences.

·       Work with retail & digital marketing counterparts to create best seamless experience at online and offline stores.



·       Brand professional: 5+ years of brand marketing experience in retail, technology or FMCG industries. Strong brand understanding, planning and execution background with multi-project responsibility and planning skills.

·       Team player: Must be tactful with strong team orientation. Proven ability to work with a team, give inputs, negotiate and support others. Establish relationships with key partners. Be an open and positive person.

·       Communication skills: Strong ability to communicate with people across all different levels, within and outside the organization. Be able to present to management teams. Ability to communicate and negotiate with outside vendors, partners and project teams.

·       Business Analysis and Quantitative Skills: Use information to make decisions and ensure profitability. Approach problems and business situations methodically and analytically.

·       Action oriented: Can self-motivate and have strong passion to move sneaker culture forward. Proactive and creative in bringing new opportunities and efficient in problem solving.

·       Strong organization skills: Ability to prioritize and organize workload in responsive to often aggressive timelines. Able to make strategic recommendations and influence peers and leaders’ decision making.

·       Flexibility: Able to be flexible and to quickly understand new information and situations to always changing environment. Deep understanding of sneaker marketplace & consumers or have proven skillset and experiences to acquire understanding of consumers in a short period of time.

·       Organizational Awareness: Works well within Sneaks Up. Recognizes motives that might underlie an individual’s or group action. Can surface conflicting agendas and align them with business objectives. Be open for future development opportunities.