Polyak Eynez Enerji Üretim Madencilik San. ve Tic. A.Ş 

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Şirket Kuruluş Yılı: 2014

Polyak is the biggest investment of the Fina Enerji Holding- the energy business unit of the Fiba Group which is one of the most reputable business group of the Turkey.. Polyak is consist of two operations unit, Underground Coal Mining and Thermal Power Plant.Mine site is located in Kınık, Izmir where 30 km, 35 km and 100 km away from Bergama, Soma and İzmir respectively.

The Underground Coal Mining Project is adjacent to Soma coal basin which is the highest quality lignite site in Turkey. The resource and potential of the mine site is estimated as nearly 250 million tons at 3,750 kCal/kg average calorific value. A considerable part of the coal resources has 4,500-5,500 kCal/kg calorific value and is suitable for domestic heating and industrial use. The coal is also a substitute for imported coal with <1 % sulphur content.

The underground lignite mine consist of one inclined drift and two vertical shafts. The inclined drift is 3,500 m having -14-degrees slope whereas vertical shafts are 800 m long vertically with 8 m diameter. It will become the deepest operating underground lignite mine in Turkey where the coal extracted from the depth of 700 and 1000 meters by using fully mechanized advanced production technologies.The annual production capacity is planned to be 5 million tons and the infrastructure will be adequate for 8.5 million tons/year capacity.
The Thermal Power Plant project will have 2 x 350 MW installed power with high efficiency Super Critical Pulverized lignite fired. Annual energy production is planned as 5250 GWh. This is corressponding to the amount of total energy needed for approximately 1.5 million houses.

It is planned that the total employment will be about 1250 people when the facilities are fully in operation The Polyak Eynez Project team consists of a diverse team of Turkish, Australian and German mining professionals sharing best technologies and mining practices. Polyak is aiming to develop country standards in the mining sector; by using world class environment, health and work safety approach, system and infrastructures.  

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