Gama Endüstri Tesisleri İmalat ve Montaj A.Ş. 

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Gama Endüstri Tesisleri İmalat ve Montaj A.Ş.

During its 45 years of operations, Gama has become a reputable international company with its strong financial structure and specialist workforce, conducting activities over a wide geographical area, covering the Middle East, Russia, CIS Countries, South East Asia, North Africa and Ireland. Recognizing the need for further institutionalization, globalization, operational transparency and involvement of new generations in the management, Gama has undergone an extensive restructuring process incorporating Gama Industrial Plants Manufacturing and Erection Inc., Gama Power Systems Engineering and Contracting Inc., Gama Energy Inc., Gama International BV and Gama Trade and Tourism Inc. under the umbrella of GAMA HOLDING INC.

The paid-in capital of Gama Holding Inc. is YTL 48,750,000.

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