Lear Trim Oto Yan San. Ltd. Şti. 

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Lear Trim Oto Yan San. Ltd. Şti.

Lear Corporation is a Fortune 500 company with 120000 employees worldwide. Bursa is a cut & sew plant producing seat-covers for automotive industry.

Lear Corporation Overview

Lear was founded in 1917 in Detroit as American Metal Products, a manufacturer of tubular, welded and stamped assemblies for the automotive and aircraft industries. Lear has grown to meet the changing needs of the industry with 18 major acquisitions since 1994, when Lear went public.

Today, the company exclusively serves the global automotive industry and supplies product for all five major interior systems: seat, instrument panel/cockpit, door and trim, overhead and flooring and acoustics. Lear is also one of the leading global automotive suppliers in electronic and electrical products. There is a Lear product in more than 300 nameplates around the world.

The success of Lear is a result of our dedication to provide the best possible service to the world's automakers - which includes understanding their customers, the automotive consumer - by delivering increased value through the latest vehicle interior technologies and the continuous improvement of our processes and product quality. All of this is reflected in Lear's exclusive People-Vehicle-Interface Methodology™. By utilizing the PVI Method, Lear employs an innovation development discipline that turns market opportunities into the products that consumers want and customers need in their vehicles.

Diversity at Lear

The world in which we live is made up of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, customs and beliefs. Like the world, the workforce is also becoming more and more diverse. By diversity, we mean an environment where individuals’ similarities and differences are recognized and respected for their contributions to our vision to be the best.

At Lear, we believe that focusing on diversity and looking at ways to achieve an inclusive environment makes good business sense. A diverse workforce offers greater productivity and innovation as well as the potential for a competitive edge. Our mission is to recognize and value the multiple perspectives, experiences and capabilities of all of our employees in order to achieve our vision and continue to build on the success we enjoy.

Our future success depends on the quality of employees we recruit today. New employees often consider an organization’s diversity efforts when deciding to accept or reject an employment offer. Potential candidates are usually more attracted to employers that are committed to sustaining a diverse workforce. Moreover, a diverse workforce increases creativity as a result of different perspectives, ideas and solutions of employees.

In order to recruit, hire and retain the best people from every background and community, we must foster diversity in our workforce, manage it effectively, and value what it has to offer. We must also improve and expand our efforts to fully and effectively engage a strong diverse supplier community.

Managing diversity at Lear involves creating and maintaining a work environment and business relationships that attract the widest possible pool of talent; provides opportunities for all individuals to maximize their potential and fully contribute to accomplishing our business objectives; and ensures everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

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