Petrobras Oil&Gas B.V. Türkiye Ankara Şubesi 

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Petrobras Oil&Gas B.V. Türkiye Ankara Şubesi

An integrated energy company that performs in a profitable manner, with social and environmental responsibility
Energy is vital for human existence. That is why we overcome challenges every day. We are sure we can contribute to the planet’s development. We have always believed an integrated energy company must ally its business’ expansion with commitment to society and to the environment.
We are a Brazilian company with presence in 27 countries. Our stock is traded in the world’s main stock exchanges.
Our track record is one of overcoming the challenges that, in our 56-year history, have led us to making significant technological progress. One of them was achieving leadership in deepwater exploration and production.
We work to increase our performance and projection even more as a company that is dedicated to the global energy production challenges. Because of this, our commitment goes well beyond profitability: we seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in processes and products, to achieve eco-efficiency, and to preserve the environment.
But none of this would be possible without our employees, who already add up more than 76,000 the world over. The efforts and knowledge of each of them is essential for the development of the entire Company and for us to continue on our successful path. That is why we focus on valuing and improving our talents.
Challenge is our energy.
Vision for 2020
We will be one of the five largest integrated energy companies in the world and the preferred choice among our stakeholders.
Operate in a safe and profitable manner in Brazil and abroad, with social and environmental responsibility, providing products and services that meet clients’ needs and that contribute to the development of Brazil and the countries in which it operates.
Petrobras figures in the world:



Market value - august/2009

$ 173,59 billion

Service stations

more than 8,000

Employees - august/2009


Production platforms


Thermoelectric plants




Average oil & natural gas production - august/2009

2,530,559 barrels/day

Investment in biofuels – 2009/2013

$2.8 billion

Challenge is our energy.


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