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Şirket Kuruluş Yılı: 1985

Colgate Palmolive Worldwide


Colgate Palmolive, established in New York City  in 1806 and is now, more than 200 years later, a truly global company serving hundreds of millions of consumers and shoppers worldwide. Colgate Palmolive is one of the leading global consumer products companies in the world, employing 40,000 people in more than 200 countries. We provide quality consumer products in the areas of Oral Care, Personal Care, Home Care and Pet Nutrition under widely recognized brands such as Colgate, Palmolive, Protex, Ajax, Lady Speed Stick and Hill’s Science Diet.


Colgate Palmolive in Turkey


Colgate Palmolive Turkey established in 1985, focuses on three core categories: Oral Care, Personal Care, Home Care with leading brands such as Colgate, Palmolive, Protex, Ajax, Hacı Şakir and Lady Speed Stick...  Today we have set up our  business unit in Istanbul, sales offices in Izmir and Ankara and a regional manufacturing site in Gebze that serves more than 60 countries.


Colgate's leadership position in the global marketplace is directly linked to the skill of our employees. Thus, we invest generously in the training and education of Colgate people. At Colgate we are committed to develop local talents through effective training, exciting assignments, as well as opportunities for global experience.


Colgate people, working all around the world, share a commitment to our three core corporate values: Caring, Global Teamwork and Continuous Improvement. These values reflect not only in the quality of our products and the culture of our Company, but also in our dedication to serving the communities where we do business.


The “Bright Smiles Bright Futures” global oral health education program has enabled millions of children to learn about oral health in worldwide. This program was launched in Turkey in 2006 with the partnership of Ministry of Education (MOE) of Turkey , TOÇEV and Oral Health Association (OHA). So far, we have implemented this program in 39 cities and will have reached over 1.250.000 school children by  2009 year end.


The “Oral Health Month” is an oral care initiative to generate awareness among the general  public with volunteer dentists. The objective of this social responsibility project is to educate the public on oral health and to emphasize the importance of regular dentist visits. The “OHM” has been implemented in Turkey for 10 years and reached 2 million patients so far.


At Colgate we meet challenges head-on; and with our drive, determination and passion, we are committed in bringing more smiles to CP Turkey.

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Pozisyon Şehir/Ülke Firma Adı
Customer Development Executive İstanbul(Avr.), ... Colgate A.Ş.
Customer Development ExecutiveColgate A.Ş.
This position requires: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Economics, Industrial Engineering or a related field2-4 years of extensive experience in a multinational company Excellent command of both written and spoken English Excellent knowledge of MS Office applications Driving license is required Good communication and commercial skills Strong analytical, negotiation and problem solving skills
Sürekli / Tam zamanlı         En az 2 yıl tecrübe İlan Detayı
Yardımcı Üretim Elemanı (GEÇİCİ / DÖNEMSEL) Kocaeli Colgate A.Ş.
Yardımcı Üretim Elemanı (GEÇİCİ / DÖNEMSEL)Colgate A.Ş.
Colgate-Palmolive Gebze Fabrikası'nda 3 vardiyalı olarak çalışabilecek, aşağıdaki niteliklere uygun dönemsel / belirli süreli / geçici 'Yardımcı Üretim Elemanı' aramaktayız:En az Meslek Lisesi veya dengi Teknik Lise, tercihen 2 yıllık Meslek Yüksek Okul mezunu2-3 yıl üretim tecrübesine sahip Gebze, İzmit ya da İstanbul Anadolu yakasında ikamet eden
Dönemsel / Proje bazlı         En az 2 yıl tecrübe İlan Detayı
Yardımcı Kalite Elemanı Kocaeli Colgate A.Ş.
Yardımcı Kalite ElemanıColgate A.Ş.
Colgate-Palmolive Gebze Fabrikası'nda 3 vardiyalı olarak çalışabilecek, aşağıdaki niteliklere uygun dönemsel / belirli süreli / geçici  'Yardımcı Kalite Elemanı' aramaktayız:En az Meslek Lisesi (Kimya, Petrokimya, vb.) mezunu1-2 yıl Kalite / Laboratuvar bölümü tecrübesine sahipGebze, İzmit ya da İstanbul Anadolu yakasında ikamet eden
Dönemsel / Proje bazlı         En az 1 yıl tecrübe İlan Detayı