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 Taha Holding A.Ş.
Taha Group is a vertically integrated full-service apparel manufacturing company which is proud of its international reputation as a manufacturer of top quality fabrics and garments. We produce more than 20 million fashion garments a year, destined for the markets of Western Europe and North America. We provide services ranging from product development through to logistics arrangements. The Group is today a major supplier for some of the most famous brands, and this success has been achieved by implementing key principles, some of which are :
Açıklama: Maintaining good quality
Açıklama: Achieving reliable delivery
Açıklama: Continuous innovation in research, design and development
As Taha Group, we have vast amount of experience and know-how in different manufacturing technologies as well as product development and design. We work very closely with our customers to provide them developments of various fabric qualities, garment designs, embellishment or garment washing techniques. 





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