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Hafta içi: 08.30 - 18.00

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Beyaz Yaka : 75-99

Mavi Yaka : 75-99

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Hyundai Elevator, operating since 1984, in 65 countries, is one of the most powerful players in the global arena with its industry steering solutions, total production over 100.00 units and esteemed signature on many renowned projects.
As Korea’s largest and one of the world’s most reputable holdings, Hyundai protects its brand value and credibility meticulously wherever it operates. We, as Hyundai Elevator Turkey, carry the honorable responsibility of introducing this widely-acclaimed brand to our country with great pride since early 2010. We follow the well-earned global success of Hyundai Elevator derived from hard work and excellent references with our constantly expanding market share, absolute customer satisfaction and impeccable service quality. What makes us the first choice of many major and prestigious projects is the deep respect we have for our business as well as our genuine care for human life and environmental safety.
The driving force that made us a major player in the global elevators and escalators industry is our care for people. We owe our innovative attitude, pioneering technologies, continuous success and responsible approach to securely carry life to the personal values and merits of each member of the Hyundai Elevator family. Their deep faith in our corporate culture and strong dedication to our vision is what elevates us to the top.