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Küçükpazarlı was founded in 1975 as a mould and die making company, by two brothers. The business took progress and in 1987 Küçükpazarlı moved to its own building in Ostim, Ankara. The company was well known with its precise and reliable products. With the time, the company started to process sheet-metals with its own made dies.


After a couple of years Küçükpazarlı separated its pressing division, to its new factory building located  in industrial area, in Sincan, in 1994.


In 1998 the Ostim workshop started to produce some detail parts for the defense and aerospace industry, with its new CNC machines. With the experience of a die and mould maker, Küçükpazarlı became a preferred company in precision machining of different types of materials, soon.


Küçükpazarlı built a new factory in the industrial area, in 2005, for its new division processing sheet-metals and machining precision parts for the aerospace, defense and micro electronics industries. The new facility has readily 4,500 m2 (48,000 square feet) of production place, and is furnished by high technology equipment to fulfill its customer's needs. Today, Küçükpazarlı is delivering 250 different parts with a total amount more than 50.000 parts per year for different projects.


The company has the experience to machine aluminum alloys, titanium, stainless steels and super-nickel alloys precisely. Küçükpazarlı is certified to ISO 9001 and awarded by its customers as a golden supplier, each year.


Recently, Küçükpazarlı works very hard on developing its quality system. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) a well known US Foundation in Aerospace Industry, audited our company and we became the second approved aerospace product manufacturer in Turkey.




To be in the first three leading aerospace company participating in the biggest projects in Turkey




With determined vigorous employees, uniting Quality, Information Technology, Productivity and Flexibility aspects with Structure of Company's System to satisfy the customer requirements exactly.