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The internet has transformed our lives and given us the convinience to shop, bank and social interact etc. But how can you be sure to be safe online?
The Cybersecurity Guru COMODO brings a brand new mindset for securing our online world via NuR&D Softwares that enables customers to protect their systems and data against even military-grade threats, including zero-day attacks with a 20-year experience of protecting the most sensitive data for both businesses and consumers globally.
And also NuR&D Softwares provide complete end-to-end security solutions across the boundary, internal network and endpoint with innovative technologies solving the most advanced malware threats, both known and unknown. Nu Research and Development consists of two major R&D departments - NuRD Innovation Labs and NuRD Incubation Labs.
NuR&D is a leading R&D/solutions provider, building disruptive technologies and products to meet current and future needs under COMODO Security Solutions Inc., We foster our engineers and scientists in a unique environment where remarkable individuals can drive innovation in creative and unique ways.
With global headquarters in Clifton, New Jersey, NuR&D has international offices in China, India, the Philippines, Romania, Ukraine and Turkey. Turkey office has been a part of this great family since 2013 based in Ankara, İstanbul and İzmir.
If you want to be a member of this unique agile and dynamic family, feel free to apply our job advertisements and please visit our websites!