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Özak Global Holding 

ÖZAK TEKSTİL was incorporated as a family company in Istanbul in 1985 and achieved to be pronounced as a well known brand throughout Turkey soon within five years thanks to high-quality denim production.

Orientated towards exports since 1990, ÖZAK TEKSTİL today ranks among the most preferred producers of Europe with a production of about 350.000 pieces per month and owing to the importance attached to quality and customer satisfaction.

Knowing that quality is a must for production and innovation is necessary for success in fashion and employing a young staff of 700 persons working in staff spirit, ÖZAK TEKSTİL is always replenishing itself.

Rendering fashion and unlimited services for his customers, ÖZAK TEKSTİL integrates all kinds of fashion washing with new collections created by professional model house staff each month and presents for his exclusive customers.

ÖZAK TEKSTİL utilizes all technological innovations and pays attention to automation required to be one step further under competitive conditions and to sharpen its status in textile sector. Machinery equipped at its facilities with indoor area of 14.800 square meters consists of the state-of-the-art German, Japanese and U.S. products.

Some of these are Gerber drawing - designing - aligning machinery, automatic spreading machine, automatic sewing machines as well as Tonello Laser machine for designs.

Achieving US$ 34 million of exportation in 2002 and spearheading Woven Ready-Made Exporters, 80% of ÖZAK TEKSTİL production consists of European and American countries while 20% includes North Africa and Middle East countries. Arcadia Group, Karen Millen, Mogul, Esprit, Mustang and Mexx are some of the companies that we work for.

Targeting to be a part of globalizing textile market and to rank on the first and the foremost places around the world, ÖZAK TEKSTİL rapidly generates and applies its investment and production, growth, foreign trade, education and technological strategies in accordance with realities of production and competition under the perspective of developed world in order to achieve this target.

Keeping on working with the same enthusiasm and dedication as the first day and producing all products of woven ready-made clothes, in particular blue jeans, ÖZAK TEKSTİL will be honored to walk with you while producing today's fashion and creating the line that future will follow.