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Purpose of Role:

The HR Partnering community in BP is uniquely placed to unlock the human energy of BP to craft and deliver compelling people strategies that shape BP’s future and create a highly engaging and modern employee experience. We are driven to deeply understand the business, our people and leading HR practices. We are passionate about unlocking the potential of leaders and their teams and coaching them to overcome challenges. We develop meaningful relationships that create trust to be able to provoke, challenge and advocate with integrity. We operate as part of a powerful and integrated HR community together with HR Services and CoE specialists. We respect and value the expertise our colleagues bring and we are energised to work and think together to enable the delivery of business goals, creating value for BP.

As a People Advisor you will develop relationships with key leaders in your business/function. You will use your knowledge of the people, the business and key data points, to provide valuable insights and pre-empt potential risks to engagement, motivation and BP’s Values and Behaviours. You will support managers through the critical moments in the employee lifecycle and coach them to unlock the potential of their people and inspire the highest levels of engagement and productivity. You will advocate with integrity and will be the catalyst behind ensuring BP is a great place to work where diversity is valued and used to competitive advantage. You will work in tandem with your HR Business Partners and colleagues in HR services and the CoEs to deliver the people strategy for your business area.

Key Accountabilities Expected from Role:

People plan delivery:

•In support of HR business partners, undertake projects and activities to deliver the compelling people strategy to shape and deliver your business’ strategy and create a highly engaging and modern employee experience

•Provide coaching and advice to line management which is aligned with the broader people plan and priorities

Advisory fundamentals:

•Ensure delivery of reliable, compliant and secure HR operations in support of the business

•Provide coaching and advice to line management aligned with the broader people plan and priorities

•Support leaders with excellent execution of their line management fundamentals across the employee lifecycle, ensuring robust decision making and quality continuous conversations

•Coach and support managers in making changes to their organisation and managing sensitive people decisions/activities

•Manage complex Employee relations cases, driving robust and fair process

•Work in partnership with HR Services and CoEs (Centre of Expertise) to seamlessly deliver HR calendar activity

•Stay up to date with the external legal context and monitor internal ‘weak signals’ to resolve or pre-empt Employee relations issues and risks

•Manage individual severance / consultation processes as part of transformation programmes

•Support management of the in-year controlled organisation and associated job evaluation, as required

•Support HR crisis and continuity management activity as required locally

Employee experience:

•Always act in service of the health, safety & care of our people

•Coach leaders to maintain and promote an environment of respect, dignity and inclusion aligned to the V&Bs (Values&Behaviours) and Les (Leadership Expectations)

•Know the people in the business area and ensure deep awareness of the ‘pulse’ of the organisation. Use this knowledge to share valuable insights, risks and opportunities to influence team leader actions, team engagement and productivity.

Team effectiveness:

•Support HR business partners with delivery of change programmes to ensure successful implementation of business strategy

•Work with team leaders to enhance their leadership capability in service of making improvements to team effectiveness

•Support teams to unlock their potential and maximise their productivity

Talent management and development:

•Support implementation of long term integrated talent management plans to ensure the right people are where they are needed.

•Support LMs in assessing talent and identifying critical roles

•Deliver talent review cycle and facilitate robust and effective talent calibration, succession planning and action planning

•Make sure individual actions arising from talent review are completed and monitored and that talent development is happening year round

•Support and coach line managers in having effective talent and career conversations with their teams

•In partnership with CoEs, ensure client groups are taking advantage of learning and development resources available across the BP University and support delivery of any local development interventions as required

Essential Education, Experience and Job Requirements:

•Bachelor’s degree in Business, Human Resources or related field

•Minimum 5 years of Human Resources experience

Technical Capability:

•Actively developing breadth and depth across the HR technical areas and able to provide professional advice in most of the areas

•Numeracy & analytical thinking – able to quickly and effectively analyse system generated data to provide insights (talent, reward, performance) and assimilate data and information from a range of sources to inform business insights.

•Risk Management – able to manage ambiguous ER/IR cases responsibly, identifying, pre-empting and mitigating risk. Knows when to seek coaching and advice from senior colleagues/legal.

Business Capability:

•Solution focus – identifies and recommends solutions which will add value to BP and/or enhance relationships and ways of working.

•Stakeholder management – Ability to engage with and influence key business and HR stakeholders. Uses partnering, basic consultancy skills and a ‘coach approach’ to build trust. Is continually enhancing skills in active listening, influencing and communication.

•Business acumen & customer focus– keeps up to date with internal and external context, understands the relationship between their activity and the BP business strategy and drivers, and considers the commercial implications of HR decisions and actions. Always remembers that HR is an enabler of the business and ensures HR solutions lead to enhanced business effectiveness and results. Puts the customer/business at the heart of all recommendations and decisions.

Leadership & EQ Capability:

•Group mind set -frequently looks beyond own area/organisational boundaries to consider the bigger picture and/or perspective of others. Successfully balances the needs of the client with local needs.

•Is self-aware and actively seeks input from others on impact and effectiveness

•Applies judgment and common sense- able to use insight and good judgement to enable commercially sound, efficient and pragmatic decisions and solutions and to respond to situations as they arise.

•Acts with integrity; demonstrates the BP V&Bs

•Cultural fluency - actively seeks to understand cultural differences and sensitivities