Patient Aftercare Nurse

Reports To Patient Villa Manager

The Patient Aftercare Nurse will report to the Patient Villa Manager and above.

Job Overview

The role of a Patient Aftercare Nurse revolves around the safety, wellbeing, and recovery of each and every patient who visits us for cosmetic surgery; this is not limited to the patient only but may include that of accompanying guests also. This means, providing care where necessary to the patient directly, as well as maintaining a comfortable and safe environment for them during their stay.

Our members of staff are required to work 2 days on – 2 days off shifts.

Responsibilities and Duties


• Stay at the Patient aftercare villa overnight for up to two nights on and two nights off in rotation. From time-to-time, you may be asked to complete additional shifts.

• Provide all prescribed medications to each patient along with information about said medication and its usages.

• Provide additional medical support where necessary, especially, but not limited to emergency situations.

• Assist each patient (and guest) with their requests (where reasonable).

• See that each Villa is well maintained, this includes but is not limited to; Tidiness, Hygiene, comfort, accessibility.

• From time-to-time conduct checks of each room, including the Patient rooms.

• From time-to-time conduct checks on each patient to ensure that they are happy and have their needs and requests met.

• Assist all other members of staff with their duties (where reasonable).

• Assist to create and maintain a comfortable, safe, and relaxed environment.


Qualifications and requirements 


• Nursing qualification or above.

• Fluent in English speaking, reading, and writing.

• Outgoing and fun personality. 

• High tolerance for dealing with potentially difficult people.

• Be flexible with your time and be able to complete shifts on short notice.

• A full driver’s license with access to a vehicle would also be helpful.