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Nevada Elektronik Sistemler San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. founded in 1993, is one of the growing professional mobile radio equipment and solution provider of Turkey, Africa and Middle East. Scope of services and solutions covering;

  • Turnkey communication solutions to governments, public security, utility, transportation, enterprise & business for higher efficiency of organizational operation,
  • Task dispatching and critical missions,
  • Dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing of PMR solutions; from analogue to digital, from conventional to trunking, from portable & mobile terminal to system equipment,
  • Dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing of end to end IP Network solutions; from SDH to MPLS, from Wifi networks to wired networks.

Nevada’s success is based on its employees and their passion for their work, both present and the past, as the leader in the telecommunication sector in Turkey. As a new part of our professional team, we are now seeking for a "Project Development Responsible" to be trained to join our team for project based multi stakeholder telecommunication market.

Are your ready for a new career in wireless communication?

As our candidate, you should have the following skills and knowledge;

  • Engineering degree (BSc. Or MBA) in Electronics and Communication or similar study from a reputable university with an honor or high honor degree,
  • Basic knowledge of communication technologies and their components,
  • In the field of project management and project development (in the public and/or private sector) we are looking for young talents with a maximum of 7 years experience,
  • Preferably knowledgeable about wireless communication technologies and IT (such as GSM/3G/LTE, Radio, MPLS, SDH, Radiolink, MPLS, SDH, etc.),
  • Having experience in team management,
  • Demonstrate planning and organizational skills,
  • To be responsible in the financial field according to company requests,
  • To ensure that projects are carried out in line with the institutional objectives and within the specified time,
  • To analyze project analysis to create and work projects,
  • To request regular updates from the relevant staff assigned to the projects,
  • To realize risk management to minimize project risks,
  • To inform the management routinely about project progress,
  • Having experience in such articles budget, scope, Contract in Project life cycle,
  • Having experience and knowledge about project management tools (MS Project, etc.),
  • To have analytical thinking, problem solving and multiple priorities and competencies to follow the project,
  • Having a command of system engineering processes, experience of system requirement analysis, design, development and integration and being capable of managing team members' responsibilities in all of these works,
  • Fluent in reading, writing and speaking English, additional language will be preferred,
  • Has advanced documentation experience and quality-oriented working experience,
  • Suitable for teamwork and flexible working hours, successful in social relations,
  • Supporting company administrative units and processes, Responsible,
  • No obligation to have domestic and international travels,
  • Residing on the Anatolian side of İstanbul,
  • Do have a driving license class B and drive continuously,
  • For male candidates; finished their military service.

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