Chief Engineer TEI - Tusaş Motor Sanayii A.Ş.

Ankara, Eskişehir, İstanbul(Asya)(Pendik)


  • Holding a Bachelors Degree in Engineering of related university departments,
  • BSc in related engineering departments of universities,
  • Minimum 7 years of work experience,
  • Preferably experience in a similar position in the aerospace, defense or automotive sector,
  • Advanced level technical English,
  • Knowledgeable on gas turbine engines, turbo-machinery, piston engines,
  • Open to innovations and self-improvement tendency,
  • Teamwork skills,
  • Efficient written and verbal communication skills.
  • Turboshaft Engine Systems
  • Turbojet Engine Systems
  • Piston Engine Systems
  • System Engineering
  • Engine Performance
  • Structural Parts Mechanical Design
  • Rotating Parts Mechanical Design
  • Airfoil Mechanical Design
  • Combustion Chamber Mechanical Design
  • Mechanical Systems & Accessories
  • Engine Control & Electrical Systems (Control, Software & Electric-Electronic)
  • Life Management
  • Stress & Life Analysis
  • Aerodynamics (Compressor, Turbine, Combustion Chamber)
  • Thermal Systems
  • Secondary Air Systems
  • Engine Dynamics
  • Materials (Materials Application Engineering, Materials Tests, Damage Analysis and Metallography)
  • Special Processes
  • Manufacturing Technologies
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Engine Test (Aero/Thermal, Structural, Dynamic)
  • Engine Clearances


  • Provide technical leadership to Design Engineering projects in his/her field of expertise,
  • Share lessons learned between projects,
  • To raise forthcoming Chief Engineers and/or Senior Engineers,
  • To mentor engineers who prefer career advancements in the technical career path,
  • To keep him/herself and their surrounding up-to-date with continuous learning method,
  • Develop technical abilities in Design Engineering Directorate, cooperate with consultants and universities in the acquisition of new technical abilities,
  • Standardize design processes, doing design quality improvement studies,
  • Establishing, leading and conducting Design Boards.

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