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About us!

We are on a mission to help people eat healthy and to reduce carbon footprint through the

power of plants ! We are a highly entrepreneurial fast-paced team running a multi-billion Euro business across 60+ countries with the mind-set of a start-up! We are agile, creative, fast-to-market and obsessed with customers and consumers. If you are an entrepreneur at heart and have a passion for winning and a strong understanding of the CPG business, and would like to join us, then read on. If not, best not to bother.

Type of individual we are looking for:

We are looking for a dynamic and outstanding all-round marketing professional to join our new standalone business, independent from Unilever.

The Brand Lead will focus on the end-to-end mix development and deployment of our brands and innovations for Turkey.

The ideal candidate is entrepreneurial and resourceful, with a proactive & goal orientated mind-set looking to break out from the status-quo. He/she is fully responsible marketing end-end process, which is development as well as Deployment. This includes, but is not limited to, Consumer Insight, Concept, Product and Communication Mix Development, Research (which we try to keep to a minimum) and Media Buying.

Skills and Experience Required:

  • High Bias for Action! Mount Everest high!
  • Entrepreneurial mind-set! You want to have your own company a couple of years from now! But hack, let’s do this first!
  • Proven ability to lead a multi-cultural, multi-country team across different time zones (a 9 to 5 mentality would not work here). More than 3 years of marketing experience is a must.
  • Proven track-record of managing a total marketing budget. You spend what you need to deliver and not a cent more! You are part of the team that owns the total P&L. Every cent saved, is a cent earned.
  • You have a strong preference for working-media over non-working media.
  • Strong business acumen and organisational awareness. This means, you know what is going on around you at all times.
  • Relevant experience with managing agency relationships (creative, research, media buying)
  • Strong understanding of media buying or willing to quickly learn all ins-and-outs (we have no intent of hiring a separate media manager either, nor a CMI manager for that matter, we mean it when we say “end-to-end”). Obviously, you do not need to do the media buying yourself, but you need to be able to determine fact from fiction when your media buying agency is trying to sell you more than what you really need.
  • Track record of developing and deploying EFFECTIVE communication assets across all media channels. We want to touch the hearts and minds of our consumers, and we want them to buy our products. That is where you come in. You will be our consumer advocate and marketing rock star!
  • You love competitive pressure; you would have been an Olympic Gold Medalist if you were not always working that hard on creating consumer love. Every working hour of every working day. It is what gets you up in the morning! It’s a bit silly really.
  • You are part of a TEAM. And these teams are sacred. They are built on trust and mutual respect. And you respect that!

Your Personal Power!

At Upfield Foods we want you to bring your ideas, your motivation and  desire to succeed!

This part of the role is up to you to complete.

Your Main Responsibilities: 

  • Develop and drive the Upfield Foods all marketing activities in Turkey. The following are the key activities but the end of the day you are responsible for your brands top line, bottom line, equity and market share growth.
  • Develop and drive the Upfield Foods business (Retail and Food Solutions), including optimize its base and set, execute and implement strategies.
  • Develop and drive long-term brand vision delivering category and market share growth.
  • Develop and implement brand marketing plans taking considering local market and consumer insights as well as 12Q plan and full year activity plan.
  • Optimising product assortment to fit market demands and introducing relevant innovations to expand the portfolio
  • Managing pricing strategy in order to drive profitable growth as well as savings initiatives.
  • Driving aligned ATL and BTL communication in co-operation with local Customer Marketing and Sales teams. Ensuring all planned activities are executed to an optimal level and that key Jobs To Be Dones are achieved.
  • Responsibility for media/PR communication, campaign briefing and planning. 
  • Ensure accurate monitoring and controlling of Advertising & Promotion budget.

By now you should either feel super excited and on edge to get going. “What are we waiting for?” you ask yourself. If this is the case, please apply online now so we can have a chat about our journey together!