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Sun Textile is a vertically integrated company, employing 1000 people. It’s located in İzmir, in Çiğli Industrial Zone. Sun Textile’s total indoor area is 35.000 m²,housing knitting, dyeing, sewing, printing and embroidery departments. We mainly produce casual wear which is finely knitted to meet the demand for comfort in all the family.

Knitting Department :


45 circular machines

2 jacquard flatknit machines (for cuffs, collars and knitted accessories)

Fabric types

Jersey,rib,interlock,pique,2 and 3 ply fleece qualities in various weights and structures.


12000 kg.

Dyeing Department :


45 fabric dyeing machines with different capacities starting from 10 kgs upto 800 kgs for dyeing cotton and polyester.
1 yarn dyeing machine of 30kgs. (mainly for sampling purposes)
2 yarn dyeing machines of 300kgs each.


20 tonnes of fabric

1.5 tonnes of yarn

The finishing line has been designated according to very high standards.We have 3 compactors for tubular finish and 1 stanter for open width finish.Also,we have 2 brushing and 1 shearing machines.

Within our dyeing mill,we are also able to make 15000 metres of allover pigment printing.The ultimate physical and chemical quality of dyed fabric is assured by a modern conditioned lab,equipped with all the necessary testing equipments approved by ISOstandards (washing, crocking, rubbing, perspiration etc.).

Printing Department :


4 screen printing machines


70 x 50 cm or 80 x 110 cm of finished garments or fabrics.

Nr. of colors

8 colored pigment print


4.000.000 prints

Embroidery Department :


4 machines with 12 heads

Nr.of colors

9 colors each

Sewing Department :

Equipped with 250 mostly electronic sewing machines. High tech machines are used for special finishings. There is an assyst automatic pattern making system and an automatic Bullmer cutter in our cutting room. The production flow is planned and controlled via computers. Also there is a barcode printing computer system. Besides that, SunTextile owns another factory in Aegean Free Zone. It is equipped with automats and semi-automat special sewing machines and produces basic t-shirts with a capacity of 9000 pcs/day.

Since the middle of 1994, Sun Textile has started a production reorganization process in order to become consistent with ISO 9000 standards we are now ISO 9001 certified.

Sun Textile produced approximately 4.000.000 pcs in year 2000 with a turnover of 21 million USD.

Although our company offers its own collection to the market under the brand name "Jimmy Key" , we also produce for customers attracted by high quality and reliability such as Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, Adidas, Best Seller, Puma, Diesel, and Everlast.

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